Electronic Media Claims Status

Electronic Media Claims Status software allows status detail to be collected from multiple electronic trading partners and loaded into a database residing on the IBM® iSeries (AS/400)™. From the AS/400 database, the status detail can be used to generate comments to an existing patient information system. Status requests are generated in an ANSI X12 276 compatible format for submission to electronic trading partners. The method used to receive the status files may be customized for each payer. In addition, each electronic payer utilizes a separately maintained translator. This detail may be translated using ANSI X12 276/277/997 EDI standards.

The system is specifically designed for Healthcare Information Systems that utilize the iSeries (AS/400) platform and resides on the AS/400 with a seamless interface to the patient information system. We have installed software and written interfaces for McKesson® Series 2000, Keane® InSight, and Siemens® MedSeries4.

We will demonstrate the Claims Status product for you at no cost or without any obligation to purchase. You will see the results before you decide if this product is right for your healthcare facility. For more information, contact Michael Walters at (866) 592-4146 or sales@scihg.com.